There’s probably so much about Argentina that travellers would want to know. Popular for quality wine production and scenic beauty, Argentina has some of the world’s most visited destinations. The lifestyle inside the green of the vines and the soaring mountains makes the country an incredibly seductive tourist destination. 

In the northwest region of the country, Cafayate, an easily accessible and rich tourist destination has something for every budget. From excellent accommodations to a variety of wineries, Cafayate welcomes you for an extended stay.

Life in Cafayate

Basically, your life in Cafayate is filled with immersive experiences. Every day of the week is characterized by exciting social events such as horseback riding adventures, cocktail parties, tennis, golf, and luxuriating at athletic clubs and spas. The dining experience is invigorating. Wine tasting is a commonplace for Cafayate residents and visitors. Cafayate is famous for grape producing aromatics such as torrontés. Most visitors are spoilt of choices for wine due to the plethora of dry and sweet, red and white wines.

Networking opportunities in Cafayate

Cafayate hosts hundreds if not thousands of corporates every year. It provides plenty of opportunities to meet and network with successful, business-oriented individuals from across the globe. All kinds of premium gaming events are held in the world-renowned tourist destination. Seasoned gamblers also find their way to the best casinos in Cafayate. There are various slot halls along the main highway entrance to the town. The world-class slot halls feature the latest slot machines and state-of-the-art electronic Roulette tables.

Luxury accommodation

Luxury accommodation in Cafayate complements the unique lifestyle of the town. There are numerous hotels, spas and residential villas with the spectacular elegance and service. If living in an estate at the core of a famous area for breathtaking scenery, mind-blowing wines, and equestrian sports is your dream, Cafayate makes the dream come true. Beautiful restaurants with open kitchens and terraces, and wine and cigar bars sums up the kind of accommodation characteristic of Cafayate.

Amazing architecture

The architecture of buildings in Cafayate is also worth noting. Whether it is the hotels or best casinos in Cafayate, the building designs embody the charm of local traditions and echo the eye-catching surroundings of the town and the Calchaquí Valley. Guests enjoy the close proximity of hotels to various fun places such as Argentina’s most prestigious golf courses, lively clubhouses, polo fields, and the best casinos in Cafayate. 

Cafayate, with its tranquil small-town feel, offers one of the most exciting traveling experiences for visitors to Argentina. If you wish to visit South America and are still looking for a suitable destination, choosing Cafayate might be the best decision you made about your trip this time. Summertime is the most preferable season to visit Cafayate, because you can enjoy nice weather as you explore the wow of the town. 


Be an Argentinian cowboy, wear actual chaps, and drink the bitter Mate tea that will make you like you were born wrestling cattle and sing folk songs. Even if you don’t visit wineries, there’s still so much to do in Cafayate. Maybe you’ll spend most of your time on some of the world’s best drives. The multi-colored Quebrada de Humahuaca valley is a spectacular drive that gives you an incredible view of wind-shaped and rainbow-stripped rock formations. You also enjoy impressive acoustics along the way.