Cafayate is a small town situated in the Northwest region of Argentina It is highly acclaimed for its wineries, and better yet, its world famous white wine; Torrontes. Besides drinking wine, there is a wide variety of activities you could engage in when you visit Cafayate. Well, here then are top 5 things to do in Cafayate you could try out the next time you find yourself in this part of Argentina.

1. Free wine tours and tastings

Generally speaking, there around six wineries within the town of Cafayate and about the same number within its vicinity. Even better, the entire town is filled with acres upon acres of vineyards that grow several different wine varieties. Without doubt, the best part of making a visit to Cafayate wineries is the fact that most offer free wine tasting. While a couple of them provide free tours. The best time to visit these Cafayate wineries is at late morning. At this particular time the crowds of visitors are less dense and the guides will be more than willing to fill up your tasting glass a second time.

2. Visit the local goat cheese factory

If you are not a big fan of wine, you can decide to head to the local cheese factory which is located less than a mile outside Cafayate town. This factory offers tasting and tours that you could try out at an extremely affordable price. The goats here are very spoilt, and even enjoy classical music, which is piped into the milking room. According to the factory’s staff, this music puts the goats totally at ease, enabling them to product better milk, which of course equates to better cheese.

3. Take a hiking trip to Qeubrada Cafayate

What makes Cafayate stand out from other wine growing regions all over the globe, is its incredibly scenic panorama. The four hour drive from Salta as you head to Cafayate passes through Qeubrada. This is a beautiful desert region, which can be likened to the US’s Southwest, but more rugged. While in Cafayate, you will be able to engage in hiking excursions into Qeubrada.

4. Visit the Quilmes ruins

Quilmes is a village situated about 30 miles in the southern direction of the town of Cafayate. This region is famous for its surreal ruins that are essentially stone houses which were built into cliffs. There is also a small museum where you can examine various curious artifacts at your leisure. Some of the most notable include arrowheads as well as pottery shards. There are also shrines located on the summit of the village’s highest peaks, which you reach after no more than a 20 minute hike.

5. Gamble in Cafayate


This list of top 5 things to do in Cafayate would certainly be incomplete if it did not feature the various world class gaming casinos found within and around this Argentinean town. During your stay in Cafayate you can visit these casinos if you have a passion for gambling. Some of the most popular of these gaming establishments are Slots Enteniementos Cafayate, Loteria de Santiago y Cordoba casino, Davalos Domingo Alfredo August or even the Agencia 26. Any of which can adequately cater for your gaming needs and preferences including online casino gaming.